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“An Open Letter to Harry Houdini”

This is a curiosity from the September 11, 1925 Pittsburg Submit. I might like to know if this “Open Letter” was the only thought of the Aldine Theater supervisor, or one thing he and Houdini cooked up collectively as good little bit of cross promotion. Houdini was performing his “3 Exhibits in One” on the Alvin Theater in Pittsburg this week.

The Pittsburgh Press, Sept. 11, 1925

Did Houdini take Mr. Sidney up on his supply? Afraid I don”t know the reply, however I am certain the medium-debunking theme of the film would have met along with his approval.

Regardless of being a piece by Dracula and Freaks director Tod Browning, in the present day The Mystic‘s wikipedia web page classifies it as “a little-known movie with a forged of now-forgotten names.” However the film survives and could be seen on YouTube.




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