iPhone settings could eradicate stress.

    “Many people keep their phone on silent or do not disturb mode to eliminate any distraction”

    But that can actually be counterproductive and cause more stress, according to a study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior. Research gathered expert data from 138 iPhone users. About 42 percent of them had their phones on vibrate, eight percent had their phones on loud, while the rest had their phones on according to Health Expert.

    Participants completed a survey to determine if they were afraid of missing out (FOMO). FOMO is that worried, nervous feeling that people are missing out on things other people are doing and can be exacerbated by scrolling social media. The Screen Time tool on participants’ phones was used to assess how much time they spent on their phones.

    They also spent most of their time on social media. People who scored high on FOMO and NtB performed the worst for constantly picking up and scrolling on their phone when it was in silent mode, the researchers said. Notifications appear to be more psychologically distressing for these participants, the results suggest.

    The researchers wrote: Our findings offer new insights into understanding the relationship between notifications and mobile phone usage. In particular, they show how the sound and vibration cues of notifications alleviate users’ insecurity and fulfill their informational, social and environmental monitoring satisfaction. Researchers recommend that people with high FOMO don’t have their phone on Do Not Disturb.

    It goes against the advice that came before – that you should mute notifications to stop using your phone as much as your closest friends and family. It can also be helpful to take time on the phone to catch up on missed work. It also helps you keep your head offline and focus on the here and now—something often recommended for those struggling with FOMO.

    Thea Gallagher, a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at NYU Langone Health in New York City who was not involved in the study, said: The data suggests otherwise when you have FOMO. In fact, you’ll stare at your phone even more obsessively, thinking you’re missing notifications.

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