Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Planning what to pack for your pitch? From lighted tent pegs that glow brightly all night to compact campfires that can charge your smartphone, the following gear is guaranteed to upgrade your camping trip.

    So grab some gear, put on your wellies and get ready for some fun on the field. Just make sure you bring a water bottle, because no one wants to see your parched desperation make you drink your own pee. Got it, bear?

    Anker 521 Portable Power Station

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Sometimes going off the grid is good, but an accidental digital detox is no way to entertain your followers. Add this personal powerhouse to your camping kit list for a full festival experience. Equipped with a pair of USB-A ports, a USB-C slot, a cigarette adapter and a standard power outlet, its massive capacity can boost your smartphone more than 20 times. As well as keeping your gear energized for days, the LED indicator keeps you informed of supply levels, while an integrated light can light the way if you’re looking for signals about go the field.

    Hydro Flask Growler

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    As with the Pet Shop Boys and Fatboy Slim, tepid lager remains a staple of the festival circuit. Want beer that’s less than lukewarm? Chilled drinks could be bought at the official bar. Or, for a liquid line-up that won’t bankrupt you by the end of the weekend, try this stainless-steel growler. Equipped with a leak-proof seal and double-walled insulation, it keeps the contents of your tin cans chilled for up to 24 hours. And with a 1.8L capacity, it should at least get you through a few support acts.

    BioLite CampStove 2+

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    A sunny day on the main stage might make you need aloe, but crimson skin doesn’t generate electricity. For a scorcher that cooks and charges, charge the fuel tank of this battery powered burner. Standing firmly on aluminum legs, the compact campfire burns twigs, wood waste or pellets. Internal fans stoke the flames for smoke-free singalongs, while the attached power supply uses heat to send 3W to the USB port (or the 3200mAh cell inside). An LED dashboard also offers complete toast control when sizzling on the optional grill, so you don’t redden from burnt embarrassments.

    Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Maintaining basic hygiene is only fair to your fellow visitors, but you don’t want to miss a headliner because you’ve been stuck in a queue for the facilities. Skip the line for shower time with this packable pressure washer. Because the 13-liter tank can be pressurized, there’s no need to hang it up to speed up the water flow: just fill up the sink, pump with your foot and enjoy up to seven minutes of cleaning spray without anyone seeing you urges you to finish your flush. Best technology articles

    UCO StakeLight

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    With a field full of guy lines between you and the loo, a festival faceplant is a foregone conclusion. Anchor your cables with these battery powered pegs for safer tripping after dark. Filled with a single AAA cell, each glossy tip can run for up to 10 hours and cast 17 lumens on your lines. Water-resistant and made from high-impact aluminum, the stakes should give you at least a fighting chance of staying on your feet. Unless you’ve been to the cider. Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    JBL Charge 5

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Back from the main stage and want more music? Why wait until morning: Entertain your tent mates with this powerful Bluetooth speaker. Engineered to be bold, the Charge 5s’ dual-bass radiators deliver wireless whomp worthy of an EDM set. Its 20-hour battery life will keep tunes pumping until dawn, with a built-in power bank on hand to power your phone. And with an IP67 water resistance rating, it’s tough enough to survive the wettest of summer downpours or a bucket-wielding sentinel attempt to rain down at your Ravey parade. Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Quechua 2 Seconds XL

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Tilting under the canvas is a fundamental part of the festival experience, but if you hit after dark you could fiddle around until sunrise. For a quick set-up, book a stop at any hour in this hassle-free shelter: liberated from its round carry case, it deploys in two seconds. Skip the lines, leave your bags on the porch, and treat yourself to a well-deserved bedtime. And when dusk falls, the Fresh & Black lining blocks heat and light so you and your companion can snooze in the dimmed weather. Who needs glamping?

    Goal Zero Crush Light Chroma

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Campsite life is always fueled by sunshine, but it takes a special setup to take advantage of the daylight’s rays. Fair forecast for your festival weekend? Pack this lantern for renewable radiance. Lightweight and foldable, topped with a photovoltaic panel for sustainable charging. It’s bright at up to 60 lumens and can glow for 35 hours in lower light. Hang it at the top of your gazebo, choose one of the six color modes and light up your space with just the right amount of solar flair. Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Voited Recycled Ripstop Blanket

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Single-use plastic has no place on a campsite. Spread the word with this ripstop combo rug: made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s an insulated lesson in renewable versatility. Equal parts eco-friendly and cozy, the Voited Blanket can keep you warm when the rosy glow of your green acts doesn’t quite cut it. Need a place to rest your head? It acts as a pillow when packed in its pouch, or as a sleeping bag when folded and closed. It can even be used as a waterproof cape, perfect for walking around the campsite like a sustainable superhero.

    Ray-Ban Stories

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Face paint, torches and flags at dusk: festivals offer a field full of scenes worth sharing. But if you mess around with your phone too much, you’ll hardly remember you were actually there. See beyond the sea of ​​screens with Ray-Ban’s connected eyewear: not only do they protect your eyes from the sun above, but they also have 5MP cameras on either side of your eyes so you can record what you see , while you actually see it. Stories come in three styles to suit your ensemble on the main stage, and sync images and square videos via the Facebook View app. Best technology articles

    Larq Bottle PureVis

    Top Camping Gadgets and Festival Accessories

    Not every festival-goer is self-cleaning, but at least this water bottle can keep itself fresh. An internal light uses UV-C to neutralize 99% of microscopic pollutants: simply tap the top for an instant cleaning, or leave the lid alone for an automatic cleaning every two hours. Insulated stainless steel keeps water cool for up to 24 hours, while a month’s battery life means you’ll always have hydrating H2O on hand, whether you’re filling from a well or farm hose.

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