Some United States companies cover travel expenses for employees who need an abortion

    After the Supreme Court ruled Friday to dismiss Roe v. To reverse Wade, corporate giants across a range of industries have pledged support and financial support for employees, and in some cases their dependents, who seek abortions in states that ban the law. The court decision to reverse the nearly 50-year-old landmark decision that protected the federal, constitutional right to abortion is expected to change the landscape of reproductive health in America, leaving abortion policy to the individual states and paving the way for numerous states to introduce new abortion restrictions to adopt.

    As of Friday afternoon, state officials in at least seven states said, new abortion bans can now be enforced. Millions of people who want an abortion could soon be forced to travel across state lines to access the procedure, further adding to the cost of an already expensive healthcare system. For many employers, benefit packages may be the only way they can afford an abortion.

    In response, companies are acting, some with headquarters or offices in Republican-controlled states. Companies including Citigroup (C), Salesforce (CRM) and Match Group (MTCH) first pledged financial support to employees seeking abortions in affected states after a draft statement was leaked in May. Many more followed on Friday. Some, including Bumble and Lyft, also previously said they would donate to organizations that support women’s rights, like Planned Parenthood and Fund Texas Choice.

    In response to pressure from investors, customers, and employees, corporate America is increasingly being pulled from the political sidelines on the abortion issue. Businesses are also struggling to attract and retain talent, and are concerned about the impact that these states’ anti-abortion laws could have on their workers. Here are some of the prominent companies offering extended assistance to employees in states that restrict abortion treatment.


    Microsoft (MSFT) expanded its financial support for critical healthcare, including abortions and gender-affirming care, to include travel expenses for such services after the draft advisory opinion on Roe’s ouster was first leaked.


    According to an Apple (AAPL) spokesperson, the company’s existing benefits package allows employees to travel abroad for medical care when it is not available in their home state.


    The tech giant intends to offer out-of-state travel reimbursements to the extent permitted by law to employees who use health and reproductive services, according to a spokesman. We are currently evaluating how best to do this given the legal complexities involved, the spokesman for Meta (FB) said in a statement.


    The existing Yelps health plan for US employees pays for women, family members and partners to travel from states with strict abortion laws, such as Texas and Oklahoma, that ban abortions after 6 weeks. This ruling puts women’s health at risk, denies them their human rights and threatens to undo the progress we’ve made on gender equality in the workplace since Roe, Yelp (YELP) co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman said in a Friday Explanation. Business leaders must stand up for the health and safety of their employees by speaking out against the wave of abortion bans unleashed as a result of this decision and by urging Congress to codify Roe into law.


    According to a company spokesman, Disney (DIS) employees who are unable to access medical care in one location will receive affordable coverage to access the same care in another location. The benefit covers family planning and pregnancy-related decisions.


    Uber’s US insurance plans already cover reproductive health benefits, including abortion and travel expenses to access health care. The ridesharing company will also compensate any drivers sued under state law for providing transportation to a clinic through the app, according to a spokesman for Uber (UBER).


    The streaming company is offering travel reimbursement for US full-time employees and their dependents who need to travel for medical treatments, including abortions and gender-affirming care, a Netflix (NFLX) spokesperson told CNN. The company offers a lifetime allowance of $10,000 per employee (or dependents) per service.

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