Singapore | Officers can track physical and mental fitness at new high-tech facility

    SINGAPORE – All new Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) officers will now have access to data measuring their physical and mental fitness, which will help them identify areas for improvement during training. To collect and measure this data, a new research and training facility The Emergency Responders Fitness Conditioning and Enhancement Lab (Excel) was established. Developed jointly by SCDF and the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX), the new lab opened on June 10th.

    Since last December, the Excel team has collected data from about 500 new SCDF officers, including full-time National Service (NSF) officers. Tap technology in Excel. Mr. Ying Meng Fai, director of HTX’s Human Factors and Simulation Center of Expertise, said: Depending on the unique requirements of each unit, use cases range from training to pre- and post-training testing to evaluate the effectiveness of training programs to selection. Excel can also help monitor the effectiveness of training plans designed for workplace fitness.

    Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Lee Soon Huat, head of the Responder Performance Center that oversees Excel, said the data collected at the new lab will help the SCDF create practical and realistic benchmarks for specialized professions such as the elite disaster response and rescue team .

    LTC Lee said: Prior to the introduction of Excel, the scientific literature on firefighting performance and training research was based on data collected in the United States. The data collected from our firefighters will allow us to adjust training schedules where necessary to ensure the effectiveness of future courses and programs. Yanis Enche Abdol Rahman, 20, a full-time National Soldier, said he finds the equipment in the lab very user-friendly. With the Section Commander’s course, my muscle mass has increased and my body fat percentage has decreased. This data tells me how effective my training has been in improving my physical condition.

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