Healthcare companies are entering now the Metaverse

    Healthcare companies and hospital chains are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the Metaverse, with several reports calling the technology very useful for the healthcare industry.

    Beyond the adoption of digital technologies, healthcare facilities ranging from hospital chains to fitness companies are now entering the metaverse space.

    The Metaverse is a combination of physical, augmented, and virtual reality. Accessible via the Internet, Metaverse creates a virtual world experience. Human emotions and gestures can be simulated in a metaverse.

    The Metaverse encompasses the entire social and economic structure that exists in both the real and virtual worlds. The latest entrant is Hyderabad-based Yashoda Hospitals Group, which has acquired a property on Decentraland, a popular Metaversum platform, and set up an experience zone to celebrate 30 years of healthcare it has offered to the people who are the healthcare chains that support the Metaversum research, emphasized Dr. Abhinav Gorukanti, Director of Yashoda Hospitals, that it is a new technology and companies want to be early adopters.

    There are also benefits of the blockchain and decentralized data ecosystem, Gorukanti said. Recently, Apollo Hospitals Group has also partnered with 8chili Inc to enable engagement in the Metaverse. The company said it will engage users in virtual reality-mediated activities to strengthen their emotion-regulating skills. This personalized approach to each patient will contribute to greater patient satisfaction, Apollo said.

    Similarly, GOQii, an intelligent, technology-enabled health platform, announced that it will launch Health Metaverse in partnership with Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is a global player in gamification and blockchain with a portfolio of over 170 investments in non-fungible token (NFT) related companies and decentralized projects contributing to the building of the open metaverse.

    A 2022 KPMG report pointed out that using the metaverse in healthcare can be revolutionary by helping to bring the patient and healthcare provider closer together in times of need.

    This technology can help distant patients get the right care, diagnosis, medical treatment or assistance with medical procedures from the seated experts in different regions in real time and during the golden hours, according to the report, which also includes Metaverse as one of the most important technologies of the future. Not just in healthcare, it will help all industries.

    Metaverse will be a mode of online interaction in the future. For healthcare, it will enhance the experience for telemedicine, medical education, etc., Gorukanti said, adding that it offers newer services, a newer model for service delivery and payment, and expands the service scope to a broader, global audience.

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