In Switzerland, a hotelier and two artists challenge the definition of luxurious hospitality

    Do you dream of a night under the stars but are allergic to sleeping bags? This summer in Switzerland, an artistic/hospitable concept called Null Stern – The Only Star is You has exactly what you need!

    Imagine a hotel room without a roof or walls, directly under the open sky in the middle of a beautiful alpine landscape. It may seem like an optical illusion to some, but for the 6,500 travelers on the waiting list, a night at Null Stern (whether near Saillon in Valais or at 6,463 feet above sea level in one of six locations in eastern Switzerland) is a lot of reality.

    The Saillon Suites are surrounded by vineyards and are available from July 1st to September 18th, 2022. The definition of luxury has evolved over the years from tangible to intangible, said hotelier co-founder Daniel Charpentier. Marble in the bathroom is much less important today than the emotional experience of the guest.

    Mr. Charpentier worked in hotels around the world before returning to settle in his native Switzerland. There he met conceptual artists (and twin brothers) Frank and Patrik Riklin, who were first known for an art installation in a 1980s nuclear fallout shelter tucked away in the basement of an apartment building in St. Gallen. They called it Null Stern Hotel, the no star hotel. Since then, the Riklin brothers have continued to imagine artworks and art installations that challenge people’s habits and thought processes. outside of museums and galleries.

    Inspired by the simple beauty of the Swiss countryside, the Riklin brothers are known for taking their art outside of the typical confines of museums and galleries. By giving people a place to rest in nature, they present the landscape as art.

    Finally, a new suite called Anti-Idyllic Suite, created in collaboration with the city of Saillon, challenges even the beauty of the landscape. Set between a gas station and a highway, it aims to provoke positive disruption.

    There are so many problems in the world right now, how can we sleep? asked

    Patrick Riklin. Our new version is an incubator to think about. The aim of the brothers is to encourage guests to stop and think. Perhaps they will succeed in bringing people together to effect change by constantly breaking with convention.

    What is luxury? How can we be sure?

    We all love nature, but we keep destroying it, he said. The bedrooms of the future may no longer have walls or roofs because we won’t have the resources to build them any other way. Whether you choose the conventional suites or the anti-idyllic, Null Stern will challenge your thinking.

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