How to Make Money as an Artist: Print Your Artwork to Sell!

    To be a successful artist you need to sell your artwork. Period. It doesn’t matter how broad your portfolio is; You have to sell art to be successful as an artist. Nowadays there are so many channels and platforms where you can sell your artworks. From Etsy to Saachi art to your own Shopify website, the internet has made it possible for artists to be seen like never before. But how can you use this potential for yourself to make money? Read on to learn how printing your artwork will increase your sales.

    Start with the art

    Your artistic vision should be at the heart of everything you do as an artist. When collectors buy your artwork, they believe in you and your unique perspective. This is why selecting the right images for sale is such an important part of successfully selling your artwork. No matter which channel you choose to sell your artwork through, curate the image selection like you would an exhibition. Group work under similar themes or collections and only display your best work.

    Next, consider the best medium for selling your artwork. Prints are an easy way to replicate your artwork and a great source of income for any artist. Additionally, prints are quick to create and available at an affordable price, giving you the versatility to scale your artwork and share your vision with an ever-widening audience.

    You may be thinking, what if I’m not working in a digital medium? Can I still make printouts? The answer is yes! With today’s high-resolution large-format scanners, every work can be digitized for art prints. For the highest quality prints, resolution is the most important element. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with a scanned image, a photo, or a digital artwork: for the best results, you should use images with +300 DPI.

    Drop-Ship your prints

    Drop shipping is a professional artist’s best friend. You no longer need to invest in printing your entire collection and wait for the prints to sell. With drop-shipping art prints and print-on-demand, customer print orders go directly to your printer. It’s the ultimate all-in-one solution for busy artists. All you have to do is install the Shopify app on your website, and the professional printers will take care of everything else, from ordering to delivery to custom framing.

    Dropshipping allows you to spend more time doing what makes you great making art.

    Print style

    Now that you’ve chosen your images, it’s time to consider the type of print. The two most popular styles are Gicle and C-Type.


    An industry favorite often used for limited edition and archival prints, Gicle printing produces vibrant HD color. This style of printing works similarly to a home inkjet printer, but on a far larger scale. Prints are created when microscopic drops of the highest quality Ultrachrome inks are placed onto specially treated archival paper to create the desired image. Because Giclée prints are made from the highest quality materials, they will last over 100 years with normal storage without fading or deteriorating.


    Another popular style of printing is C-type, or chromogenic type. Originally used for color photography, C-Type printing can now be used for all digital images. To make C-type prints, silver halide paper reacts with light to produce color images. Known for its smooth gradients, C-Type is the perfect print style for portraits, sunsets, cityscapes or finely detailed images. Another advantage of C-type printing is the large formats that can be produced with it. If you want to print large format works up to 182cm x 300cm, C-type printing is a fantastic choice that will make a big impact.

    Offer pre-framed art

    When it comes down to it, all printed works need a custom-made picture frame. As most people know, when you buy a print, you’re only halfway through your final purchase. Most collectors buy artwork to decorate their home or office. While some may purchase a print to add to their personal archive, most will want to display their new purchase and either a frame or mount will be required for this sale.

    Available at an affordable point of sale, pre-framed art is convenient for collectors and gives you a professional edge. No trip to the framers. No extra waiting. No hidden costs. All your customers have to do is buy their new artwork and decide where to display their latest artwork.

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