Get ready for the monsoon on how to protect your devices from water

    “These brilliant hacks will keep all your devices safe even if you forget an umbrella and step out in the rain.”

    The monsoon is here, as is humidity and wetness in the air. Although any piece of equipment can suffer water damage at any time of the year, rainy weather increases the likelihood of this happening. Imagine. It’s a sunny day and you’re on your way to work with your essential gadgets in your backpack. But suddenly you see dark clouds gathering in the sky above the city head, reminding you not to be prepared for a downpour. And the mere thought of the large hole that water damage to one of your devices will leave in your pocket automatically sets the stage for panic. So we’re here to share some smart ways to protect your devices from the water during the monsoons.

    The first and best way to protect your devices from water during monsoons is to store them in an airtight ziplock bag or waterproof bag. Waterproof ziplock bags are available in all sizes to store smartphones, bracelets, tablets, etc. These are ideal for protecting your valuable devices from monsoon rains or water seeping into your backpacks. Moreover, these are even touch-friendly and easily available at cheap prices.

    Use waterproof laptop and tablet covers

    There are also waterproof cases or bags for tablets, laptops and other large devices. Some of them are dust resistant and even shockproof. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can vary in the material they are made from. You can get a slim professional waterproof canvas fabric laptop sleeve or opt for a multi-layer polyester fabric sleeve bag. There are even waterproof laptop backpacks with shoulder straps that you can take anywhere.

    Use waterproof wristband covers

    Most smartwatches are already waterproof and dustproof. However, it is still better to take precautions from our side. Among the various smartwatch accessories available in the market are waterproof straps or strap covers. You can use these to protect your smartwatches from water damage during monsoons. These are generally made of silicone and are lightweight, comfortable and durable. You can even choose multiple colors and wear a different one every day. Waterproof bracelets are available at cheap prices.

    Seal all ports for protection

    The easiest way for water to enter your smartphone is through the various openings on its case, such as the vents. B. USB ports, headphone jacks, etc. To avoid water damage to your device, it is better that you seal all ports when not in use. You can do this by using masking tape to create an extra layer of protection, or you can purchase a custom made waterproof case for your smartphone that has a full body sealed case or offers waterproof port seals. This way you can keep your valuable devices safe from water in this monsoon. If you know other hacks for the same, we’d love to hear them. Share it with the rest of us in the comments section below.

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